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VMware: StoryGraphics

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Tasked with highlighting the many ways the VMWARE is transforming technology in many industries, Mara and Thomas came up with StoryGraphics. A narrative fueled infusion of statistics and facts, that played out in a highly interactive format. It is easier to show than explain so feel free to play with the one below!



Partnering with Taylor James the visual assets that served as a foundation for this project were created in meticulous detail. Each housing multiple instances in which we could highlight how they were transforming a particular industry.

Once we received the final assets from our partner agency our development began. We created a custom upscale-er that was triggered by key sections of each industry vertical. Once activated the window would zoom in to the area and display either industry facts about how VMware was revolutionizing the space or it would display a customer quote about the product(s) that they currently use.

With a small team (and when I say small I mean just 3 developers) we worked on 5 vertical industries over the course of a few weeks. This had to work virtually anywhere and be rather lightweight so we developed the whole thing in JavaScript and then started modifying it for different use cases.

Versions were made for everything from their corporate news site (The Bridge) to individual ones that would be featured on iPads at trade-shows. For those we also added in social icons and a way to send it to yourself via text message.



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