This is me

I dont know if you could tell but I am an individual who does not particularly like self promotion. So I apologize for the language in here that shows that. I am really proud of a lot of the projects I have worked on, and foremost I am proud of the people I have worked with them on. They are what has made this work great, I do not take sole ownership of anything here because anything worth building has had more than one person involved in its process.

If I was ever the sole person making decisions on a project it would probably end up looking like this.

So who am I?

I am an amalgamation of all of my experiences; they have ranged from design school here in New York, to 5+ years of agency experience in every role from junior developer to associate power point maker (ok that was a made up role but its all I did for a summer and it scared me for life) and slowly made my way up to making more and more decisions as a Digital Director.

I have concepted things, built them, shot them, animated them, edited them, and eventually even delivered them to someone who was paying for it all along. This being said I have worked on almost every kind of digital media project possible in one way or another and while some have gone incredibly smoothly I have also seen projects to the point of near derailment, so I would love to take these learning and make something with you.

I have lived in Canada, Colombia and the US all for extended periods of time now and they have each shaped me in their own way. My hobbies include a general love for food and cooking, outdoor activities, and making pretty things.

So what do I actually do?

Each project is unique and my role in such is just as adaptive.


Ideate campaigns or idividual projects that fit seamlessly into a clients brand while either promoting a new message or accomplishing a task that they set out to complete.

Plan and organize

After you figure out what you want, you need to figure out how to make it happen.


Develop, shoot, edit, think and repeat.

Work within a Team

Work hand in hand with all of the talent and clients to deliver and ideal end product.


Ensure a smooth launch and make sure every key point is firing as it should be.


Check what is working and what isn't, every project needs to be optimized either as it grows or ages.

I know, this is on wordpress

For anyone claiming to be knowledgeable of front end design, UX, a digital designer or even a current fancier title of Digital Director, this is and should be shameful.

But it is not without reason, or reasons. On one hand we have the ever quantifiable object of time, and I don’t have any. Well that is not true, I don’t have any that I am willing to spend on a task that I deem incredibly introspective and quite frankly overly difficult for what it should be. I am 100% passionate about what I do, and who I do it for and that, for the time being, is not myself.

Now that sounds more like an excuse than a bonafide reason as to why I choose such a poor platform. Luckily I have one of those too. Every system has its constraints, and we cannot nor should not design for a utopic environment. So with that being said why not pick one of the most limited and frustrating environments out there and try to not only personalize it, but make something that I am not wholeheartedly embarrassed to send out.