This is me

TLDR: Resume

I dont know if you could tell but I am an individual who does not particularly like self promotion. So I apologize for the language in here that shows that. I am really proud of a lot of the projects I have worked on, and foremost I am proud of the people I have worked with them on. They are what has made this work great, I do not take sole ownership of anything here because anything worth building has had more than one person involved in its process.

If I was ever the sole person making decisions on a project it would probably end up looking like this.

So who am I?

I am a creative digital designer who has spent the last few years heading up the digital arm of a NYC based advertising agency. I have a background in the intersection of design and technology and have worked on projects ranging from new product launches along with site and marketing collaterals to website rebrands with deep dives into information architecture and user experience. The boutique nature of my last firm also allowed me the flexibility to work on numerous creative projects in the realms of video directing / editing and motion graphics.

I have an affinity for proper organization and hierarchy within design work and towards the end of my time with my last agency I relished being involved in new business ventures specifically the conception/pitch/proposal process of new ideas.

I have created, built, shot, animated, edited, and eventually even delivered projects of all shapes and sizes to someone who was paying for it all along. This being said I have worked on almost every kind of digital media project possible in one way or another and while some have gone incredibly smoothly I have also seen projects to the point of near derailment, so I would love to take these learning and make something with you.

I have lived in Canada, Colombia and the US all for extended periods of time now and they have each shaped me in their own way. My hobbies include a general love for food and cooking, outdoor activities, and making pretty things.