So many recipe videos

Grok transformed Capatriti into the Honest Extra Virgin Olive Oil brand. We converted Grok into an in-house digital production studio and kitchen set for all content creation. For a series of over 25 recipe videos our Digital Designer & Developer, who just happens to be a fantastic cook, created original recipes and did all the cooking.






Going hand in hand with a rebranding campaign to reshape a troubled olive oil brand into the “Honest” olive oil. We began a social content campaign that had us transforming our office every few weeks into a test kitchen and pulling off some really remarkable in office cooking.

As you may or may not know already I do have a passion for food, and this was a chance to cook visually impactful and tasty food, all on someone else’s dime. The only thing I could have asked for this project would have been a bit more time to practice, (and probably a video intern tbh) as each recipe was pretty much being cooked for the first time ever on camera.

This is going to be a bit longer than some of the other projects on the site as I will try to dive a bit deeper, and as this occurred over several months.


We began by transforming our office table into a cooking station. After a quick visit to Buzzfeed’s kitchen by one of our undercover art directors we began our own two camera set up with a few powerful Kino-Flo style lights and some simple decoration. The table was actually placed on 12inch bed risers to make it a bit easier on my back while filming, and our kitchen counter was turned into a prep station, with everyone in the office helping out at one point or another.

All recipes had to be overly olive oil forward so after hitting the top 10 or so obvious ones we began to have to do some serious brainstorming to keep the content fun and original. Some came from photos, others from dreams but all in all they were wonderful dishes the the whole office got to enjoy.

And by whole office enjoying I really mean that, we used our 20 or so account managers and creatives arms throughout the filming of all of the end frames. Every meal was absolutely admonished by the end.

Concept to Delivery

We ended up with a relatively simple and repeatable process, I would plan out which recipes would be made in which order and go managing people at their prep stations while things were being made camera ready, and then I would step in for my 2 minutes of hand fame and make the dishes (and by two minutes I mean a sped up and edited version of a 35 minute recipe).


Invent, create, steal (credit), change and bastardize about 20 recipes, get approval on 5/6 from the client.


Prep for one massive shoot day, shot lists, farmers markets, last minute eataly runs, and everything you can think of.


Honestly the most time intensive part of all of this with a 10 hr shoot day for 5 recipes or more and then the subsequent weeks dedicated to post production.


And then we would do it all over again, and over again, and over again.


To compliment the food heavy portion of their social feed we also wanted to highlight a few of the everyday uses of olive oil, not that I personally have ever used it for anything other than cooking or a salad dressing, but in the clients eyes we made it like franks red hot’s and put that shit on everything…literally.

All in all i had quite a bit of fun marrying my two passions for a stint while making some delicious and beautiful things.