If you can’t already tell, my portfolio is currently hosted on adobe portfolio. For anyone claiming to be knowledgeable of front end design, UX, a digital designer or even a current fancier title of Digital Director, this is and should be shameful. 
But it is not without reason, or reasons. On one hand we have the ever quantifiable object of time, and I don’t have any. Well that is not true, I don’t have any that I am willing to spend on a task that I deem incredibly introspective and quite frankly overly difficult for what it should be. I am 100% passionate about what I do, and who I do it for and that, for the time being, is not myself. 
Now that sounds more like an excuse than a bonafide reason as to why I choose such a poor platform. Luckily I have one of those too. Every system has its constraints, and we cannot nor should not design for a utopic environment. So with that being said why not pick one of the most limited and frustrating environments out there and try to not only personalize it, but make something that I am not wholeheartedly embarrassed to send out.
Did you know that by default a new masthead image over-rides all other masthead images? That there is no way to mix both text and imagery in any sort of WYSIWYG configuration? Or any of the million other things that I have found and overcome to get this looking like this? Well neither did I, I did not know when I started this thinking I could put the whole thing up in one night, but I know it now. So I learned the constraints of the system and (hopefully) used them to my advantage.
I hope you enjoy the work on here and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want to hang out!
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