Project: The Sons and Daughters of Digital
Client: Callidus Cloud
Agency: Grok
Art Direction: Thomas Mori
Copywriting: Mara Weinraub
Tools: Photoshop, aftereffects, particular
Grok was tasked with creating the opening video to kickoff the Callidus Cloud 2017 C3 event, a continuation from their work in 2016.  Serving as an introduction for their CEO Leslie Stretch, this work needed to set the tone for the rest of the multi-day conference in Las Vegas. 
Pulling from the four elements, this video functions as a single continuous shot, with scenes seamlessly morphing into one another as the camera pans through the entirety of the timeline.
After the storyboard (below) was created by Thomas Mori, we began stitching together the mix of still and moving images that compose this piece.
Some of the more impactful images were composed originally of stills with multiple layers of animation on top, some for highlighting particular details and some to give the scene a little bit more motion overall. 
A lot of the figures in still scenes were completely deconstructed and/or puppited in order to fully control their impact in the film. this led way to some particularly interesting experiments.

On top of having text animations that helped build each of the scenes, we wanted to reiterate the the “elemental” notion that inspired this direction, so employing Particular we set about disintegrating the words that had any sort of particular elemental meaning.
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