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Here is a bit of a collection of some of my video work, mostly complimented by snapshots of other projects that I like to throw up on my blog. The projects vary from some very early on work that I am emotionally attached too, to some works that I was paid to do but found their technical challenges interesting, and that’s why I threw them up here.
Bike Shots
A short, somewhat story lacking video created as part of a school project, focusing mostly on capturing action and other movement shots. I revisited this project after graduating to work on beautifying it a bit. The entire thing was shot in about half a day after a few of the locations were scouted by a team of two (myself included). And is set mostly in downtown NYC with locations varying from the east and west sides, highlighting the construction riddled Brooklyn Bridge as well as the eerily abandoned south street seaport as this was just a few short weeks after sandy and most every shop was closed fixing flood damadge.

As you can see this video was also an experiment into different lighting and video treatments, playing around a bit to make the setting a little more surreal was one of the compensations for the general lack of story, even though the project never really required one, opening it up a bit more for experimentation. On the right you can see a before and after shot of a few of the treatments added.
Nic+Zoe: Brand Pitch Video
This video was created as a bit of a puff piece for nic+zoe when the creative agency I was working at was pitching them to work on their new knitwork collection that was comming out that spring. It was created under the art direction of Geoffry Dunne and the creative direction of Kelly Na. As you can probably see it was created using found footage that we felt went along with their current brand language but highlighting a higher end direction that we wanted to take them in, the video was only used for presentation purposes and never fully released to the public, atleast as far as I know. The video credits go to everyone from Garance Doré and their work for JCREW to Stefanel's lookbooks and some of Madwells, aswell. With a muscial edit of Breathless by Small Black.
Brand Video
For once my title for this project is straight and to the point. I created this piece close to the end of one of my internships. It was a moment when the company was rebranding itself and they gave me a bit of free reign to compile all of their previous work. Done under the Art Direction of Omino Gardezi with music from King Krule. Just annother example of a very swipe heavy re-edit of found footage (I think they had a thing for those).
Many words go here
A bit of my earlier schoolwork, some experimentations into different techniques with aftereffects, and most noticibly those times when a teacher finally gives you a bit of free reign with your projects and you jump into the deep end of your own wierd. But those ideas aside I really had alot of fun with the content and styles of a few of these projects, for some of my wilder experiments please check out my blog as this is only a curated collection of a few of those that I have made over the years.
One of my first motion graphics animations with an kaleidoscopic and puppet tooled take on evolution (somewhat).
My demo animation reel from back in 2012, nostalgic more than anything!
Make an invitation the teacher said....why? the teacher later said
A short little time based piece which I will always remember for the hours upon hours of footage.
Lysee: Stop Motion
I will always remember this project not for its result but for what it started with. I’ll set the scene: A freezing cold January day in 2014, actually during what was labeled as the Polar Vortex so freezing was an understatement, anyways back to the work, the client (lysee) had just wrapped up shooting for their spring collection and had then decided that they could really use a YouTube Ad. Given the hundreds of recently shot photos that they already possessed they did not think it was necessary to shoot anything else, the video below, is the baby of last minute planning and a deep seeded desire to make things happen. With a lot of creative direction from Geoffrey Dunne and a very iterative process, along with one of the most ridiculously large timelines I have personally ever created.

Check out the final video below!
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