Beef Book
A bloody meaty guide to deliciousness
It would be easy to say that I have more than a slight fascination with food, and im not shy about meat (even after going to a school where a double bacon cheeseburger got more than a few dirty looks). In fact the amount of vegans in one particular class may having been the driving force behind going completely in the opposite direction, and making a book all about beef.

There is no better place to start than at the beginning, and that is why this illustrated introduction to beef and everything beef begins back with the Aurochs, the origin species of most of our modern day cattle. From there the book branches out into a few more topical sections, of considering where your beef comes from and how it is raised (and how much this can really affect the flavor) and then it begins to branch out into the fun stuff!

After a brief beef history lesson, and that nice infographic I made to briefly highlight a few cuts, we dive into the meatier sections of the book, intended, with beefier illustrations and a bit more of a scientific approach to some of the more popular cuts (including their muscle groupings and fat contents). The book also highlights some key topics such as aging and marbling before wrapping up with some walkthroughs of different forms of cooking, as well as the importance of marinating your beef, and how good salt can be…for your taste buds.

Feel Free to look through the entire thing below!
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